West Campus Chilled Water Plant (WCCP) – 13,500 Ton Plant Reconfiguration

Pennsylvania State University
Chilled Water Plant

Penn State University West Campus Chilled Water Plant

The original master plan for the plant was for a 10,000 ton primary/secondary system. PSU engaged TEI who reconfigured and upgraded the piping system to a variable primary flow and a build out of 13,500 Tons. This reconfiguration included an addition of 1500 Tons to the existing 2,000 Tons that were installed in Phase 1. This expansion is in accordance with the Master Plan and Phase 1 design completed by Trefz Engineering in 2003. The project fitted out the remainder of the electrical switchgear bringing the total capacity to 15.0 MW. The project completed the chilled water and condenser water piping, expanded the controls system, installed an additional 750 tons of free‐ cooling along with pumps, cooling towers, and ventilation systems.

Phase 1


Was performed by others. Two (2) 1,000 Ton Chillers, Primary/Secondary Distribution System, Rooftop towers with remote basins.

Phase 2B – 1500 Ton Expansion


Installed a nominal 1500 Ton industrial grade chiller.
New CDW/CHW pumps operational VFDs
New 1500 Ton field erected counterflow, fiberglass F.M. rated towers.

Phase 2 – Master Plan fitout and change to a variable primary flow system


Converted to Variable Primary Flow (VPF)
Repiped and resized in‐plant distribution/header system to permit future
capacity expansion to 13,500 Tons.
Design included new Automated Control System that is expandable as plant
capacity grows.
Included new field erected counterflow, fiberglass F.M.rated towers.

Phase 3 – 3000 Ton Expansion and full future plant buildout of 13,500 Tons.


Three (3) 3,000 dual compressor chillers
New CDW/CHW pumps on VFDs
New nominal 1500 Ton cooling tower cells
Replace original 1000 Ton chillers with new 1500 Ton Chillers
Phase 3 Construction will install the first 3,000 ton chiller with accessories only.